I’m not Tarannum

Devastated actress Tamanna Bhatia exposes e-mail fraud pix


Photographer: Mahesh Kumar A


Actress Tamanna Bhatia is considering legal action against cyber pranksters who have floated her pictures on the net claiming that she is Mumbai’s notorious dance bar girl Tarannum Khan.
The pictures, taken during the shooting of a Telugu film, Shree, have been popping into in-boxes across the country from someone called, appropriately enough, idle brain, saying: “Now do you understand why so many cricketers and film stars have gone mad behind her? Yes, she is Tarannum Khan, the famous bar girl, nowadays in news”.Tarannum, the crorepati bar girl, is at present in police custody while Tamanna is shooting in Hyderabad. “I cannot believe that this is happening to
me,” said a traumatised Tamanna who discovered the pictures on Tuesday afternoon. “I’ve heard of this happening to people in this line of work, but I never thought it could happen to me.” Tamanna is a first year junior college student at National College, Bandra, and is at present shooting for Shree. The actress, who claims to be only 15 – – “I started acting when I was 13” — says that she has heard of Tarannum through newspapers. “I’m just a youngster getting to know that such people and incidents exist in society,” she said during a telephone interview.
Ever since they discovered the e-mail the family has been distraught. Tamanna’s furious father, Santosh Bhatia, says his nephew forwarded the e-mail to him. “I and my son were horrified when we saw the mail,” he says, agitated. “We just didn’t know how someone
could do this.” Tamanna, who had earlier acted in an obscure Hindi movie called Chand Sa Roshan Chehra, says the pictures in the e-mail were taken during a song sequence for Shree five days ago and were distributed to the local press. Ashok Kumar, spokesperson for Shree Laxmi Productions, the producers of Shree, corroborated her claim and added that the unit was shocked that someone could do this “to a 15-year-old girl. Our entire unit is standing by her side and if we find the guy who did this we will rip him apart.”
Tamanna’s mother, who is with her in Hyderabad, is reportedly on the verge of a breakdown. “It’s just unbearable seeing her go through this,” says Kumar, “She’s almost a wreck.” Though considering legal action, Tamanna’s father said they were still unsure how to go about it.

one of the defamatory images

This article originally appeared in Mumbai Mirror, Times Of India: http://alturl.com/tzse


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