Big hair. Ugly extra kilos. Baggy saris worn like flowing drapes. Has cricket’s style icon turned into a fashion eyesore? What can eye candy Mandy do to revive her sagging looks? We ask style experts for advice on an urgent makeover for the commentator who’s seen more than heard.

Mandira Bedi

I watched Mandira Bedi avidly during the last World Cup series. And I’d like to say that last time she was looking a lot lot better. Mandira’s a great anchor and a very pretty girl. But this time round,
her hair is tossed wrong, she’s put on weight and her make-up just doesn’t work. Her clothes don’t suit her. As a fashion director, if I was to advise on how to improve her look, I’d say: do a complete make-over! I’d give her clothes that complement her. By that I mean ones which hide her arms and particularly have nothing tight around her bust. I’d ensure the hair was neatly tied up and not given that ‘tousled’ look as here it doesn’t look chic, but messy! I’d go really soft on the eye make-up while also glamourising her entire look. This pretty girl needs to be made to look pretty again.
She looks frumpy, in just one word. Now is the time for Mandira to retire from public life, pick up her jhola and her khadi kurta and come back and work for me. I want her to become a director. She
was this sweet little thing who I was training into becoming a director when she ran away to join the limelight and worked in some third-rate films. I want her to be director. I think she’s lost her glamour quotient now; she can’t quite pull it off anymore. She shouldn’t waste time hanging around in front of the camera, but rather behind it.
See, I think that the problem – with viewers – is that they’ve started looking for a style icon in Mandira rather than a cricket commentator. I remember the first time she came on such a show,

people were bitching about the fact that all she did was look good. Now that she’s downplayed her look to become a person who understands and speaks on the game, it’s the other way round. People want her to look gorgeous in a Satya Paul sari so they can use that as a reference point while shopping. Every channel has a dedicated team of stylists, and so I also think the stylists have consciously pulled down the glamour so people could focus on what she’s saying. But that won’t work, because once you’ve established a glamorous image, that’s
what people expect. Else why have Mandira Bedi on the show at all, and not another hard core, in-depth commentator. The channel should tie up with a renowned cosmetic brand like Mac which has a whole host of varied looks for every conceivable season, theme and so on. Then that brand would choose a suitable look for each occasion – recreating the looks everyone aims at aping. The saris, while being glamorous and beautiful, should have colours and prints which are easy and soothing on the eyes. Also, the colours could be decided as per the location of the match, or the current mood. She should also experiment with fusion wear – like jackets made out of Indian fabrics, or brocaded waist coats. India’s image matters much today – so this fusion would send the right message out via this truly international broadcast. Finally, the channel should hire a truly hi-profile stylist.
When I saw Mandira hosting the series, I thought she had put on weight and her hair and saris weren’t up to the mark. In the earlier series, her long hair, her saris and her overall ap
pearance was very glamorous. Right now, the colour coordination and styling isn’t working, nor is the short hair which seems to be adding more volume to her body. I saw her in a pair of capris and a top with short curly scrunched up hair – it was too average, too casual. Maybe she was underplaying, but it didn’t work. Last time around, she wore a lot of noodle straps, plunging necklines and halters and got written about a lot. This time, she’s gone the other extreme. A little more dramatisation is needed, even though she could stick to simple styles. She could try anarkali kurtas that are really in now, chikankari saris, sexy tunics, empire line or off-shoulder dresses, French chiffons in happy prints – basically, flowy and pretty ensembles that look simple, classy, attractive and glamorous. Dresses (definitely over the knee for her, though) and tunics that are fitted at the chest but loose otherwise would make her look slimmer. She could alternate between wearing just a neck-piece or then a pair of earrings; nothing should take away from her look. Straight, long, blow-dried hair would look glam and chic. The curly locks don’t work.

This article first appeared in Mumbai Mirror, Times Of India:


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