This byte is w.r.t. the Shiv Sena call for a ban on Orkut…

Shakti Sarangi, management trainee

Way back in secondary school in Nashik, there was one friend I was especially close to. But we never met after class VII. Then, 17 years later he scrapped me on Orkut. It was crazy catching up on so many years. I’ve had many re-unions on Orkut, but this is one particularly worth mentioning. How did he find me? The school community? Well, that’s the beauty of Orkut. There are so many search filters, people can search your name and then narrow it according to age, married status etc. Even
after such re-unions, the question that plagues everyone is: How do we keep in touch? it would normally be impossible to keep in touch daily, But for the scrap format in Orkut
– As told to Rishi Majumder


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