OOPS, I did it again!

Not everyone turns into master chefs, as soon as they turn on the stove. Rishi Majumder gets these celebs to share their kitchen disasters


(lol… i’ve never found an apter headline for an article)

Aryan Vaid

My last day as a student of the Dadar Catering College was awful. I was required to make a German meal consisting of beef steak, apple strudel and bread. The bread turned rock hard. In the strudel, I replaced cardamom with cinnamon. And the steak, cooked for a whole hour too long, tasted like chewing gum. I don’t know how I passed the exam!
Maria Goretti
About five years back, I had friends over for dinner and spent the whole morning preparing the meal. After marinating, baking and garnishing the chicken legs, the dish looked great on the table.
But it was only done on the outside, while the inside was completely raw and bloody! It was pretty disgusting. But my sporting friends quietly ate the outside portion separately, insisting that the cooked part was delicious.
Archana Puran Singh
My children always complain that I can’t cook anything. So one day, I made chapattis for them and decided to heat these in the microwave, before serving—only to have them
turn into rock-hard papads! Now the kids don’t grumble that I never cook; the other day, I heard them proudly tell their friends, “My mother makes the worst chapattis in the world.”
Cyrus Sahukar
When I was in Class XI, I decided to cook a mutton dish for the family, just to prove I wasn’t the ‘useless son’. Unfortunately, I forgot to screw the pressure cookers cap on tight, and promptly forgot about it—till I heard a loud bang. And our maid ran out shouting, “The cooker is possessed.” It had exploded and the cover had flown up to hit the ceiling. Needless to say, I wasn’t ever let into the kitchen again.
Prahlad Kakkar
Once I had bought this fish for a curry, but didn’t notice it was soaked in brine. Instead of soaking it in water before cooking, I added salt: the curry tasted horrible. I tried washing the salt off the fish, which didn’t work. Then I soaked it in water. When I took it out and tried to re-mix the curry, the much-abused fish simply disintegrated!

This article first appeared in Mumbai Mirror, Times Of India: http://alturl.com/5ogx


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