My first performance was in a temple at the age of four. I realised this was my karmabhoomi, after I did the playback for Mast however. And it’s been a devotion to the discipline of being a singer since.Yes, I’ve missed going out with friends, parties and whiling away my time aimlessly. These are the things which could have been done at a particular stage of life only.And I’ve not been able to do as many of these things as other kids my age would have. Do I have any regrets? No! I’ve cashed in on these years in many other ways – the most obvious example being my success as a singer! My father did decide to shift to Bombay just so that I could pursue a career in singing. I was at a young age then.And I went with the flow, when it came to Riyaz and auditions. But realising the pleasure of singing came with realising that this voice was god’s gift – and was not to be ignored.All my parents did in terms of leading me into this field from a young age was understand and develop this gift. If they didn’t it would have been quite sad, don’t you think?
Sunidhi Chauhan

Sunidhi Chauhan

This article appeared originally in Mumbai Mirror, Times Of India:  http://alturl.com/aque


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