Debojit hits the right note

Debojit Dutta

Debojit Dutta

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa winner talks about life after victory at the grand finale on Friday


   In a neck-to-neck finish, Debojit Saha, a boy from Silchar, Assam was chosen by India as the winner of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge, 2005, on Zee TV. One of many small town wonders hitting glory in the entertainment world, Debojit, with his calm and down-to-earth demeanour lists humility, patience and perseverance as today’s winning essentials. “Any artist has to be a good human being first. Even a boy from a small town who’s new to Mumbai can make it on the basis of his belief, his hard work and the determination to win,” he declares.
   Debojit’s interest in music grew from the time he was ten years old. “I used to sing on stage in school and college. I also auditioned successfully for singing on radio and TV channels,” he recounts. Unfortunately, his mother, the closest to him in his family, didn’t know of these successes, as she was in coma when her son achieved them. After her death, Debojit quit his job as a PWD civil engineer and came down to Mumbai in July, 2002, to “start my struggle from zero again.”
   Here, he struggled for work, while learning classical music from his guru Pandit Askaran Sharma, till both his guru and his wife urged him to enrol in the Sa Re Ga Ma Pa competition. “The competition was earlier called Fame 2005, but was abandoned. When they started Challenge, 2005, people like Vinit and me who had reached the final level were transferred onto the new show,” says Debojit.
   The show taught him the finer nuances of music as required by today’s industry, “especially the playback music industry”. It would also have taught him resilience. In an unprecedented attack, Debojit was accused during the show of being an ULFA associate. His fellow contestants, including Vineet, actually walked out in protest. He was also accused by fellow contestants of getting votes only from his home town. “It was a bad phase which I want to forget. My advice to all who face such circumstances is to focus on your work when faced with such flak,” he says.
   That’s easier said than done. So, what gave him the strength to endure the onslaught of criticism?
   “My mother’s dream, the wife’s aspirations (Debojit’s wife, a fashion designer, is from Silchar too) and the support of thousands of people,” he replies. “This was also possible because of the teachings of my guru Anand Sharma. He always said that one must put blinders towards gossip. He would often say, ‘Gossip will be forgotten but achievement will always be spoken about’. That has given me strength to survive all kinds of gossip that prevailed during the contest. I would be deeply hurt and depressed when I read or heard that I get most votes from east India because I belong to that zone. Doesn’t the show talk about India’s voice? Then why single out and mention the north-east zone votes?”
   Debojit managed to garner a large support base in the north-east. Right from handing out cellphones to all, including children, to arranging for people to call from PCOs, the Debojit Fan Club in Silchar left no stone unturned to make him win. This has led to people saying that, “Debojit’s victory is the victory of the North East.” However, Debojit, while being grateful to all his supporters from the North East, refuses to “comment on controversial issues.”
   So, where does he go from here? “I made a New Year’s resolution to set up an old-age home. Besides that, I want to go to Silchar to meet my father as soon as possible.” As he looks forward to the days of fame that lie ahead, he assures that he will not change. “Believe me, I will be the same Debo for everyone,” he promises.

This article appeared originally in Mumbai Mirror, Times Of India:



  1. sapana · January 21, 2011

    good to read this again!

    • rishimajumder · October 25, 2011

      thnx again.

    • rishimajumder · October 25, 2011

      For co-writing it too :-). just read the name on the comment…

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