‘Radha’ shows Mumbai his rudra avatar

Devendra Kumar Panda

Devendra Kumar Panda, Inspector General Of Police


Devendra Kumar Panda, stealing thunder at a book launch as Doosri Radha

Devendra Kumar Panda, stealing thunder at a book launch as Doosri Radha

Yells at those who ask him ‘bakwas sawal’ about deserting his wife


Photo Credit (for Doosri Radha pic): Nilesh Wairkar

He likes to be addressed as Radhaji and does not like ‘bakwaas sawal.’ On Valentine’s Day, Mumbai got its first taste of the ‘Doosri Radha’.
   In the city to attend a book launch, Ex-Inspector General of Police (rules and manuals) Devendra Kumar Panda took centrestage at the launch function at the Keertan Kendra in Juhu on Tuesday. Kumar Masoom, the author whose book of verse was being launched, stood by and watched as Panda regaled mediapersons for nearly an hour and half.
   Panda claims he had a vision of Lord Krishna in 1991, when the deity told him that he was his consort Radha. A trip to Orissa in 2000 crystallised this belief and now the cop will respond to no call as willingly as he does to ‘Radhaji’. He dresses in feminine attire and is separated from his wife. He was forced to take voluntary retirement from the police force, though he continues to fight for his pension. A couple of days ago, Panda hit the headlines again when he claimed his organs were becoming ‘delicate and soft’ and that he was transforming into a complete woman.
   “I don’t think ill of Valentine’s Day. How can one think ill of anything connected with love — that divine emotion which links Him to me,” Panda said in response to a question on his views on Valentine’s Day.
   And what of karma, another divine thought propounded by Lord Krishna in the Bhagvad Gita? Would the idea of karma approve of a man leaving his wife, work and duty to the nation? “Don’t ask me these bakwaas sawaal,” he replied irritated. “Do you even know what karma means?” he asked and then proceeded to sing a verse that implied that Lord Krishna was his Karma.
   And how will he fulfil his karma towards Lord Krishna? “By the Bhakti Marg,” was Panda’s quick reply.
   If he had truly rid himself of his worldly attachments, why does he continue to fight for his pension, someone asked. “And why not? Is it your pension? My Lord has given it to me for the work I’ve done. In fact, even everything you own belongs to me because it belongs to my Lord,” scolded an agitated Panda. A silence descended in the room as people realised it was better to curb their curiosity before Panda decided to assert his right over their belongings.
   Last December, a government employee in Jamshedpur saw Panda on TV and decided that he was the doosri Radha’s Krishna. He dressed in colourful costumes, played the flute and took to wearing kajal. But he will find no favour with this Radha. “In his tatvic roop all of us are Krishna, but actually none of us are. The Lord will actually come down to earth only as Kalki, the avatar he had announced to us long ago.”
   We wait and wonder…
   When author Mukesh Kumar Masoom tapped Panda on the shoulder to indicate that he end the press conference, Panda shouted at Masoom till he got off the stage, threatening to beat him to pulp if he touched him again. Only the Lord had a right to touch him, Panda said.
   When a Channel 7 reporter asked Panda a question about his wife, an organiser told the reporter not to ask him such questions. The incensed reporter said,“How dare you tell me what I can ask! We’re the ones who’ve made this man what he is. Otherwise he was nothing!”

This article appeared originally in Mumbai Mirror, Times Of India:  http://alturl.com/hwgp


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